future field studio

co-creating sustainable future


Where did it all begin?

Future Field Studio is a 3 phase haiku that first appeared to me as a movement-poetry while I was practicing Social Presencing Theatre (SPT) in Shambala Center, New York.

Future evokes the collective aspiration
Field invokes the hidden longing
Studio reveals the beauty in their mess

Future opens the mind to new horizons
Field grounds the will in concrete action
Studio opens the heart and fills them with love

Future calls for visionary thinkers
Field invites the passionate entrepreneurs
Studio brings forth the artist from within

“Future”, is the sky-principle. It represents the limitless sky and the possibilities of a future that lifts us beyond our limitations, our rights & wrongs, and generates well-being for all.

“Field”, is the earth-principle. The underlying source that makes the future real. The current reality, we experience as families, communities, organisations, states, is result of the field, we are consciously or unconsciously part of.  It iss the interconnected web of our relationships with all beings. This quality of our relationship with each other and the planet, determines the sense of well-being we experience.

“Studio”, is a creative space. A space between ideas and outcomes. Space where artists practice, co-create and master their work. Its where we access the new fields of imagination and make them real. Its a generative space where its safe and fun to experiment and fail.

Future Field Studio is an invitation to leaders across sectors to join us in a creative space where we can sense deeply into our current reality field and co-create alternate future.


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