future field studio

co-creating sustainable future


What inspires us?

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
– Rumi

As humanity, we are stuck between our software and hardware. Our software (human consciousness and spirit) is evolving and longing for a sustainable, just and peaceful world. Deep down our hearts, we all want to rise beyond our differences and societal divides, that have kept us prisoners of suffering and violence, over ages. We all want our children to grow in a world, free of such limitations.

However, our hardware (systems, structures, beliefs etc) is hardwired in an old paradigm. It quickly separates, divides, excludes, breaks-down the spirit of humanity into nation-states, caste, class, race, sectors etc, and, puts them in competition with each other. Thereby, triggering a never-ending battle between right and wrong.

This stuck between our software & hardware, limits our imagination and creativity. Our logical mind struggles between the two. The future that we deeply, collectively desire is not available on the current field of consciousness. It requires us to tap into a new field. A field where our differences, divides and stuck-ness becomes irrelevant. The field that Rumi talked about 800 years ago, and, that many artists, innovators and spiritual masters have access to.

Future Field Studio is an attempt to make this field accessible to leaders across business, government and civil society. At heart of all our studio work is a core question?

How can we tap into the field of imagination and creativity that transcends beyond our current stuck-ness and help us generate wellbeing for all?

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