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Basic course in Social Presencing Theatre

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” 

— Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi

Context & Invitation:


All around us, we are seeing rapid institutional failures to address global sustainability challenges. In midst of it, we often find ourselves stuck, helpless and overwhelmed. Often, feeling imprisoned by the very system, that we created or joined, to follow our hearts and make this world a better place.

If you are like me, longing to create well-being for your self, family, organisation and the community you are part of, Future Field Studio might be your creative space. We invite you to engage in non-verbal, contemplative art based practices to explore:

  • How can we co-create healthy organisations, ecosystems or communities?
  • What is my role as a leader to enable that?
  • What are the current patterns where I am getting stuck in, now?
  • How can I develop inner resilience in midst of outer chaos?
  • What might be my next “true move” that would unleash my highest potential & generate well-being for all?

Our approach


Unlike most workshops on similar topics that tend to be more cognitive and conversational, we would engage in non-verbal, mindfulness & movement based practices called Social Presencing Theatre (SPT).

SPT is a methodology, developed under the leadership of Arawana Hayashi from Presencing Institute, for understanding current reality and exploring emerging future possibilities. Drawing on the arts and contemplative traditions, SPT brings body-based, experiential learning into individual, organizational and social change efforts. It quickly generates information about patterns and relationships that are “stuck” in a system, and offers methods for prototyping emerging futures that promote the wellbeing of all stakeholders in a system. Grounding in Theory-U, SPT provides an alternate to analytical frameworks for profound systems change & future scenario building.

This is not “theater” in the conventional sense, but uses simple body postures and movements to dissolve limiting concepts, to communicate directly, to access intuition, and to make visible both current reality, and the deeper – often invisible – leverage points for creating profound change.

Who is invited?

  • Leaders or top-teams, working across business, government or development sectors, wanting to influence their organisation/ systems to create sustainable impact. You may come as whole team to work on your future scenarios in the studio
  • Social entrepreneurs, seeking insights for scaling or sustaining their work beyond current paradigm
  • Professionals, facilitators or artists who are in-transition, wondering how can they create larger influence
  • Anyone longing for inner resilience and alignment to their true purpose

If this invitation, inquiry & approach resonates with you or generates enough curiosity, pl write to: Manish Srivastava (futurefieldstudio@gmail.com) or call +91 9987819990

DatesMarch 26-27, 2020. 2 days non-residential workshop followed by zoom call after 3-6 months for strengthening practice and application

Venue: Pune, India

Program fee: Rs 20k plus GST. Scholarships are available on case to case basis for nonprofits and students

Registration: Pls write to futurefieldstudio@gmail.com for further details


Facilitators Profile:


Manish Srivastava is a senior practitioner with Presencing Institute, USA. He works with leaders across business, government, UN agencies and NGO sectors to solve complex sustainability challenges. He has prototyped Future Field Studio in various sectors including nutrition, agriculture, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, climate change, anti-trafficking, future mobility etc.

Manish is a facilitator in Theory U based systemic transformation processes and teacher of Social Presencing Theatre (SPT). He has been involved in designing & facilitating Presencing/ SPT based long-term, multi-sectoral change labs & award-winning leadership programs in India, Africa, Middle-East, South-East Asia, Europe & US. He teaches year-long Advance SPT program with Arawana Hayashi in New York.

Manish lives in Pune, India with his wife and son. He drives his inspiration from writing poems, art, comparative mythologies, nature and playing with his son. He is a regular practitioner of Vipassana meditation, Shambhala mindfulness & various other contemplative art-based practices.

Manish leads a consulting practice, Transforming Journeys, that has clients among leading MNCs, family businesses, international governments, NGOs & social enterprises.

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